Our power comes from the nature of South Tyrol. Its future is in our hands.

To provide future and prospective power, in line with
the forces of nature, the source of all our energy.

Alperia is an energy provider. We provide energy from renewable sources, manage an electricity grid, and sell district heating. We also design and build new power plants powered by renewable resources and we develop cutting-edge technology solutions for the energy industry.

At Alperia we want to mould the energy of the future, to make an active contribution to mapping out the future of South Tyrol. After decades of experience in the energy industry, we have the skills and knowhow needed to develop cutting-edge solutions for the future. And we have started thinking about tomorrow today, based on our desire to drive power industry growth in South Tyrol. It is our aim to be a leading force in the provision of energy services and to make an intelligent, digital-based energy future for our customers.

We don’t want to limit our activities to the world of energy, but we are aiming to bring about radical change. By focusing on clean, green and renewable energy. And by focusing on what we believe to be the market of the future. By respecting nature and the environment of our wonderful land, without which we would not exist. We are working for the conservation of our stunning land, without which we could not exist. By preserving South Tyrol, which belongs to all of us, and by giving it a future. Our actions are guided by the aim of achieving a balance between economic goals and our links to the area, to its future and tradition. 

The relationship with South Tyrol and its inhabitants is a priority for us. As a South Tyrolean company we are responsible for our nature, our people and for our land and its future. This responsibility is something we take very seriously, creating added value for South Tyrol, and giving our area the energy that South Tyrol gives to us. In the form of pure energy, employment, infrastructures, social involvement and support in many areas.

Energizing South Tyrol.